Wing Bolt Holders


I have been going to RC flying fields for many years, and no matter how electronics change and planes get more advanced, there is one thing that will never change…when we get to the field and we are rushing around trying to get our planes out of the car, truck or trailer, when it comes to finding our wing bolts, they are never where we left them.

We have come up with a product that will help solve this problem:  Wing Bolt Holders! These products mount inside your plane, whether your plane has 2, 4 or 6 wing bolts, it doesn’t matter, we carry all sizes (the four piece holder is shown above). You simply glue these Wing Bolt Holders together with some CA and mount them on the inside of your fuselage, when you are done flying for the day you take the wing bolts out of the wings and place them in the holder. They will be waiting for you the next time that plane is at the flying field. It’s easy, even a guy like me that has lost hundreds of wing bolts can keep up with them now!

The pricing for the wing bolt holders is the same regardless of the size (2, 4, 6 bolts):

1pc at $1.25 plus shipping
2pc at $2.25 plus shipping
3pc at $3.00 plus shipping

Wing bolt holder

These wing bolt holders mount inside your plane and keep your wing bolts in place when the plane is not at the field. The price includes shipping





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