Servo Holders- Standard and Flush Mount

Standard servo Holder

These servo holders are great for throttles, chokes, or any other application where the servo needs to be held perpendicular to the mounting surface. This price includes shipping costs.




RC Parts have made some improvements to one of our first products, The Standard Servo holder. We have had great responses to our servo holders but one thing we believe  “We can always do better” So we decided to redesign this product. We are still using airplane grade Plywood but we have made the servo holder alot stronger. The holder interlocks so even without glue it is strong.  The holder we used for these picture was not glued and it stays together and strong while it was being moved around. As always we suggest using 30 minute Epoxy for this product.

The first three pictures show the new version and the last picture is the original. Take a look at how much stronger the new holder looks. We are keeping the pricing the same, so our customers can afford to keep flying!




IMG_1566 Original style of servo holder

We have servo holders for Standard size servos as well as Mini and Micro servos.

Our servo trays are made from 1/8″ Plywood and are very stable but light at the same time.


Wing (Flush) mount servo holders

We now offer a new and improved wing (flush) mount servo holder along with the standard mount we have . This new version has one additional part that allows the servo mount to fit down inside the wing and install exactly flush to the wing. Below are some pictures of the new version.

Wing Servo Holders

This servo holder is designed to be mounted into a wing. This price includes shipping costs.




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