Plane Kits

Many of you have contacted us for the Hybrid 50cc, we are currently cutting kits to put on the shelf!

We will let you know when they are ready to be shipped. As always we would love to get pics of your finished planes, if you are a better builder than I am, which isn’t hard we we will put the pics on the web site…

We have a few kit planes we are cutting,  we are only doing short kits, which means you get all of the wooden parts that have odd shapes and are not just sticks that can be cut to length.

We are making completely custom made kits. You send us paper or PDF plane prints. We will quote the kit price to you. This is a very involved process which includes redrawing each part, checking for fit, and then cutting the kit. We can provide you with a kit that nobody else can. We will do just the ribs if that’s what you want.

Check us out, our pricing is very reasonable.

I am listing the kits we are currently offering and a picture of the finished plane. If you are looking for something we do not offer yet, please let me know what you want and we will go in search of the plans and then cut the kit for you. We are here to help the hobby grow, the easier we can make it on the hobbyist, the better it will be for the hobby.

DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE PLANE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUILD BUT YOU CAN’T FIND A KIT?  WE CAN HELP! Two web sites we use are and, these sites have hundreds of plan plans, most are free some you have to pay for. 

To receive a quote for a certain kit, send us an email at, let us know which site you found the plans on, and please include the plan ID. Let us know if you want the plane kit scaled up or down and we will send you an email letting you know what the kit price will be.

We will also take your paper plans and turn them into a digital copy and then make a kit from that. This is a very long and tedious process. If your plans are in good shape, it makes the process better, but every single part that is to be laser cut needs to be drawn in Autocad. We do not have a set price for this service, if you send me your plans, we can quote you a price pretty quickly.  Please make a copy of your paper plans BEFORE you send them to us. You can get typically get copies made at Staples. 

These are the kits we are offering right now:

***** NOTICE, Due to the dramatic increase in wood prices we have had to raise the prices on our kits. We apologize for this increase, if the suppliers lower the wood prices our kit prices will return to normal pricing.

Wood Nut Ball – This is a built up wooden plane, $75.00 plus shippingIMG_1098

65″ Ford Tri-motor  – This is a short kit, comes with all Laser cut parts. This is not a beginners kit, it is very involved.  $215.00 plus shipping
ford tri

94″ Hybrid Profile – similar to the OMP 50cc, short kit (Laser cut parts ONLY) $350.00 plus shipping

profile pic 2

65″ Profile – smaller version of the OMP 50cc Hybrid (30cc version) short kit (Laser cut parts ONLY) $295.00 plus shipping


Ultra Stick 120 – 80.5″ wing span, short kit, 275.00  plus shipping

ultra stick 120

Showbird – $85 plus shipping.  Use this link to see a You Tube video of this plane:


Miles M20       $220.00 plus shipping


Flitzer Staaken – This is the plane that was in the April issue of Model Aviation. We are offering this kit for $215.00 plus shipping, typically between $8.00 and $15.00

flitzer 1

If you would like to order any of these kits, or have a custom kit cut, please email us at and let us know your zip code and we will give you a quote on shipping.

Contact for pricing. We look forward to hearing from you!