Specializing in Custom RC Plane Kits

Welcome to RC Parts For Less!  Please take a look around the site, most of the items are in stock and available for immediate shipping.  Can’t find what you are looking for, or maybe you want something custom made?  Send an email to scott@rcpartsforless.com, I’m certain we can make whatever it is you need!

If you would like to order an RC plane kit, please email your request to scott@rcpartsforless.com.  If you have digital prints, you can email them and we will send a quote back to you.  If you have prints from one of the many web sites that offer them, just email the plan number and the name of the kit.  Please also add the wing span you would like, we can scale drawings so the sky’s the limit!

Below are a couple of websites where you can find plans:



We look forward to hearing from you!  Please also consider checking out yourwoodengifts.com for unique items and great gift ideas!