Adjustable Battery Tray

We are now selling an adjustable battery tray that will fit the Z Carbon Cub as well as most any other Electric plane. Our Battery Tray has the exact same mounting holes as does the standard battery tray for the Carbon cub.
Our adjustable battery tray is also adjustable up to 1-1/2″ to get an exact center of gravity. The best thing about our battery tray is made of two parts. The base which is permanently fastened into your plane, then the battery box itself can be removed very easily to switched for a new one.
We are selling the entire assembly for $15.00 or just the removable battery box for $10.00. Once you purchase one complete set which has the entire set up you can purchase more base plates so you can mount them in your other planes and just switch the battery box from plate to plane.
Our Adjustable battery Box will hold any battery from a 3 cell to a 6 cell battery.

To go to our order form please click on the link below.



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