Fall Nall in the books

RC Parts for Less wants to thank each and every person that stopped by our booth at Fall Nall.

We enjoy meeting everyone and talking about the projects that we can help you with.

Even though the heat was almost unbearable we had a great show, many of you were interested in our products that are totally RC unrelated such as our cutting boards, wine glass holders. Until now we have been trying balance our RC products and out home wares, so we have launched our new web site!!!

Please take a minute and check out http://www.yourwoodengifts.com

We look forward to seeing you there…

Adjustable Battery Tray

We are now selling an adjustable battery tray that will fit the Z Carbon Cub as well as most any other Electric plane. Our Battery Tray has the exact same mounting holes as does the standard battery tray for the Carbon cub.
Our adjustable battery tray is also adjustable up to 1-1/2″ to get an exact center of gravity. The best thing about our battery tray is made of two parts. The base which is permanently fastened into your plane, then the battery box itself can be removed very easily to switched for a new one.
We are selling the entire assembly for $15.00 or just the removable battery box for $10.00. Once you purchase one complete set which has the entire set up you can purchase more base plates so you can mount them in your other planes and just switch the battery box from plate to plane.
Our Adjustable battery Box will hold any battery from a 3 cell to a 6 cell battery.

To go to our order form please click on the link below.





Tiz the season!

RC Parts For less has lots of Christmas Ideas!


We also have several laser cut decorations that can be stained or you could put a glossy finish on them and they would look great on the tree! Just because it’s winter don’t forget about RC Planes, Hang one on the tree!!

Check out our Christmas Page and if you see something you like place an order!

As always our shipping is free of charge so you can give some for gifts!




















Thanks to you we have been very busy for these past few months and we appreciate every single customer. One thing we keep getting asked is is Laser cutting all you do? We used to say yes, that’s all we do but now we have ventured out into another area. DECALS!

We are making any decal you want. Large, or small, RC Plane decals, Sports, Cars, Sayings,you name it we can make it!

We have put a few samples up on this page just to give you an idea what we are doing. Please keep in mind this is only a sampling of what we can do, we are not limited to what you see here.

The Pricing for our decals is dictated by size of the decal and how many colors are in the    decal

For example

1 color decal – 2″ x 5″ or smaller is $1.00

1 color decal – Larger than 2″ x 5″ but smaller than 10″ x 10″ is $7.50

1 color decal- Larger than 10″ x 10″ but smaller than 20″ x 20: is $15.00

For every added color add 50% to the price

Example: 3 color- 10″ x 10″ decal would be      $7.50 basic price

                                                                                         $3.75 extra color  #1

                                                                                         $3.75 extra color  #2

Total price.                                                                    $15.00   Total Cost

Any Decal can be made in any color and any size.

 To order Decals please go to the Home page and click on the Decals tab and that will take you to order order form. If you have a special request please email them to Scott at rcpartsforless@yahoo.com.

If you would like to order a few different decals please fill out an order form for each different decal, it will help keep the ordering process more organized. You can still total the final price when you are done ordering, OR we can send you an invoice.

We will get back to you regarding your request as quickly as possible.

Custom Made Laser Cut RC Plane Parts

If you’re looking for RC plane parts, you’ve come to the right place!!  If you’ve had an “oops” like the one pictured here, don’t throw away that plane!  We can cut new parts for you and get it back up in the air!  In fact, if you are in need of plane parts for virtually any reason, we are here to help!

plane in halfIn addition to custom made laser cut parts, we also make a variety of other items for the RC hobby, and we are adding to the list of available items regularly, so be sure to stop by frequently to see what’s new!

Our current product offering is below.  If there is anything pictured here that you’d like to have altered to fit a specific need, or if you have an idea in mind for some other type of item not on our list, please send an email to scott@rcpartsforless.com and we’ll see if we might be able to come up with something for you!

To get a more detailed look at our products, please click on the tabs at the top of the page.

faa upright





Servo Trays (standard sizes or custom made)

IMG_1600    Epoxy Holders

mt tc front


 Tool Caddy



Contact usWing Bolt Holder

IMG_1598   Wing (Flush) Servo Mount



Custom Made Parts

If you can describe what you want, I will design it and send you a model for your approval before we cut them. We can usually get your parts to you within a few days. Please send the information to scott@rcpartsforless.com