Servo Keepers

The people here at RC Parts for Less are avid RC enthusiasts. One of the guys just lost a plane because a servo keeper came loose during flight. This tragedy led our design team to create a servo keeper that would ensure the servos wouldn’t come unplugged. After a handful of revisions, we believe we have something that is a winner. Allow me to introduce our new double locking keeper that is nearly impossible to come unplugged.

This shows a servo plug with the two parts to our servo keeper
Keeper part number one securely keeps the plug together
Now our fail safe is added and locks together with part number one.

You can order these keeps for $1.00 each

10 for $8.00

20 for $15.00

Servo Keepers


servo keeps

This price is for 10 set of keepers


20 servo keepers

This is for 20 sets of servo keepers.